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Everyday Diabetes Foundation

EDF is a tax exempt 501C-3.  Our mission is 3-fold:  We want to send as many kiddos with Type 1 Diabetes to camp as possible, send one family each year to the Children with Diabetes Friends for Life conference, and host a yearly gala geared toward strengthening the EDC family as a whole and giving our patients and their families a chance to connect and strengthen one another.


Camp Kudzu

Camp Kudzu has been a steadfast partner and supporter of EDC.  We've witnessed numerous pediatric patients participate in their camps and return with life-changing experiences that have been nothing short of remarkable.  Our goal is to send 30 of our patients to summer camp with funds from the EDF.  Each child cost approx $1K to send to camp.  Would you consider donating today?


Children with Diabetes

The Children with Diabetes organization holds an annual Friends for Life conference in Orlando, FL.  Our goal is to choose one deserving EDC family to both attend the conference and entry to the Disney World property.  This is a costly endeavor and we need your support!  Donate Now.

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Foundation Gala

Individuals and families dealing with diabetes often find themselves isolated from others facing similar challenges. Our goal is to come together annually as the EDC family, publicly expressing gratitude to patients, and treating them to an enjoyable evening filled with fun, food, and a whole lot of support. Donation go towards offsetting the costs of this special evening.


Foundation Documents

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