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Start your own diabetes revolution. Here, we're not just providing opportunities to learn; we're changing the diabetes education landscape with engaging video content for our patients as well as the global diabetes community. Diabetes education can be intricate, with nuances that aren't always easy to grasp. That's where our module-based videos come in, designed to deepen your understanding of diabetes management while providing unwavering support and encouragement.

"You have to find a place for diabetes in your life but it shouldn't be in the center.  Life should never revolve around diabetes."


Hello, we're Jessica and Kris, and we're excited to share a bit about ourselves.


Our journey began with a meeting that led us to open a full-service diabetes center in the heart of Savannah, Georgia. Our commitment to diabetes runs deep, and we've dedicated ourselves to making a difference.


First and foremost, we're parents of children with Type 1 Diabetes, and for us, diabetes isn't just a profession—it's a personal journey we live every day.

We're not your typical diabetes coaches or T1D providers. We encompass both roles and more. We're here to offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs.


We understand the challenges you face—the annoyances, anxieties, and fears that come with a T1D diagnosis. We've walked in your shoes, experiencing the upheaval it can bring to daily life.


Yet, we've also navigated the complexities and found triumphs in the journey, embracing a sense of normalcy along the way.


Let us be your support system through a similar experience. We genuinely look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your unique diabetes journey.

"We practice 'real life diabetes' because this is so unbelievably personal to us"

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Turn diabetes data into fuel for change

Get the support and tools to improve glucose control

Get back the joy you had before diabetes


Learn to manage without compromising the things you love

"You are more than just your data...the combination of frustrations, fears, anxieties and all the ways diabetes gets in the way equals an A1C, GMI, glucose value."


join a community of others just like you

"If we can decrease your frustration, the data and metrics will follow.  It's that simple!"

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